Goldwater’s Ideas

The Goldwater Institute was quick to reply to the call for ideas via twitter.  They offered up their solution, 16 Systemic Changes.  They deserve props for having thought long and hard about their ideas on how to fix the Arizona economy.

Each of these options should be thoughtfully considered for implementation.  However, there are two issues:

1.  These types of systemic changes take time and won’t fix our current short term problem.  Our gap is the worst in the next three years.  It will probably take the economy that long to recover.  Businesses aren’t leaving for Arizona tomorrow because the tax code is relaxed.  Even if they did, it would take time for them to relocate, bring jobs, set up operations, and whatnot.

2.  As the the gut reaction we had via twitter, these are 16 separate fights that would be picked to reach a solution.  And these aren’t little fights either.  Each one would be divisive, let alone each education reform which has the potential of being radioactive.

So, the new caveat is:  what can be realisticly done to fix our problem in the next three years?


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