They still don’t get it

Come on folks, you have to do better than this. 

While Barack Obama invokes “the past 8 years” so much that it could be a drinking game, the leftists are still trying to find a place to land the blame for Arizona’s problem.

Meanwhile, the cavalcade of anti-tax stars continues.  Now, a Nobel Prize winner is speaking out as well as Tom Patterson.  Still no solutions, but hey, its fun that a lot of smart guys have been able to come up with “Taxes = Bad.”

So, there you have it.  They can’t even agree on the problem, let alone the solution.  Meanwhile, the Arizona people watch the clock tick closer to 2010.


One Response to “They still don’t get it”

  1. guard dog Says:

    Straight from Drudge Report.
    Nobel Prize winner in Economics backs One World Currency,25197,25173126-12377,00.html

    Do you think he can advise the Az Gov too? Just cause he has a Nobel doesnt mean he can solve problems. But Gov Brewer doesnt seem to be able to get any wheels under her plan either. I guess its time to campaign across the state regardless of the work that needs to be done on budget.

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