Going nowhere fast

The legislative session is supposed to be half over and nothing is done.  Meanwhile President Burns is now telling people that the voters shouldn’t be able to vote on Brewer’s budget fix.  You know, because, uh, people may actually vote for it.

Oh those crazy voters.  Burns trusts them enough to seek their vote for office, but not enough to decide what they want to do with their money.  I guess democracy is supposed to be convenient like that.

Now, nothing is going to get done. When will these guys learn that that need to do something and they need to do it NOW! If you have $3 billion in cuts, show them now. Hold hearings. Lets see what our state is going to look like after all of these dramatic cuts.

If not, start moving forward with Brewer’s plan. We don’t have time to waste here.


3 Responses to “Going nowhere fast”

  1. Kevin D. Johnson Says:

    You know. We disagree on the budget but all this dysfunctional lack of government on the part of those who are to govern is just sickening. No wonder we are in the situation we’re in.

  2. fixarizona Says:

    We can disagree and I am fine with that. However, do you think we should be able to vote on it?

  3. John Paul Mitchell Says:

    Yes, we should definitely be able to vote on it. It’s our right as citizens.

    Thank you for posting this and keeping your posts coming. I, along with others, appreciate what you’re doing.

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