Dear Grover Norquist

Dear Grover Norquist,

Thank you for your recent letter telling Arizona legislators that if they send a tax increase to the ballot, you consider it like they are voting FOR the tax increase.  While doubtful, maybe this will motivate the legislature to do something on their own.

Using your logic, everyone who has ever voted to place a pay raise on the ballot has technically voted to raise their own pay.  Shame on them!  Also, that means the legislature is in support of every failed state trust land reform and any other wacky thing they place on the ballot.  The voters are no longer deciding, and allowing “voters to have a voice” is no longer a priority.  Good job with that one!

Meanwhile, we are facing a $3 billion hole for next year and a deficit that stretches to 2012.  Can’t wait to hear how you suggest we fix that problem, Grover.  We’ll be waiting patiently for your thoughts on that one.  After all, if you are anti-tax, you must have something else, some other suggestion to fall back on, right?  Your plans with George W. Bush and Jack Ambramoff have worked out so well, why not share some of that wisdom with us?

The People of Arizona



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