Get Grover on the Phone!

Uh oh, there’s going to be trouble.  House ways and means voted 7 to 1 to approve a Southern Arizona sports authority which could raise local taxes to keep baseball in Southern Arizona.  Here is how everyone voted:

Andy Biggs N 
Jack A. Brown Y 
Tom Chabin Y 
Steve Farley Y 
Michele Reagan Y 
Steven B. Yarbrough Y 
Debbie Lesko Y 
Rick Murphy Y 

A couple of people who voted yes have also signed the No tax pledge.  Namely, Yarbrough, Lesko, and Murphy.

According to the word handed down from Mr. Norquist on high, voting to put something on the ballot is just as bad as voting for a tax increase itself.  So, Yarbrough, Lesko, and Murphy have now just broken their tax pledge.

Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is?


One Response to “Get Grover on the Phone!”

  1. Tax increases… for BASEBALL!?!? « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] HAVE TO BE OUT OF YOUR FRICKIN’ MIND!  Seriously guys?  Seriously?  Get Grover on the phone, again.  Tell him that not only are they raising taxes, but some of these guys are the largest […]

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