State lawmakers not focused solely on the budget

I thought bills weren’t supposed to be moving that weren’t budget related. 

I guess I am wrong.  The House has passed two abortion bills and sent them on to the Senate.

The legislature and the Governor are not on the same page on what is supposed to be done during this time.  She has said that she doesn’t want any bills not budget related, until the budget is finished.  These people seem bound and determined to do otherwise.

Before we spark some sort of abortion debate, there is no problem in my book that these bills are about abortion.  The issue here is the attempts to do other things that take their focus away from the real problem at hand.

If this were a different legislative session and things were flowing smoothly, fine.  But this is a crisis, and the cries of FIX IT are growing louder every day, and not only do we NOT have any answers, but we are seeing them deal with other things instead.


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