Legislature looking to punt

Now, it looks like to avoid taxes, the legislature is looking about going into more debt.  Way to take the bull by the horns, fellas!

Its funny, because a lot of these people use the family analogy when talking about budgets and spending.  They usually say something along the lines of “when a budget is tight for a family, they have to make sacrifices to make ends meet.”

I don’t remember the part of that routine that includes the family member going out and getting a credit card and hoping that they will be able to pay it off in the future.  Going into more debt is like using an equity line to pay off a car loan.  Its like putting the mortgage on a credit card.  Its even worse than the other options.

If they do go out and get a credit card, lets hope they go get a Capital One card so they can put the Approps chairmen’s pictures on it.

What's in your wallet?


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