AFP’s fix leaves a lot to be desired

Americans for Prosperity has come up with a budget proposal that “will not raise taxes” according to them.  Step one?  Cut $2.2 Billion.  Well, that was easy enough.  Actually, even they are realistic in thinking that any cuts over about a $1 billion are going to be dodgy at best.

Next step, fund sweeps and stimulus money.  Isn’t the stimulus money really just a tax increase anyway?  Oh wait, never mind, you shouldn’t think that way.

After that, find $1 billion in a fire sale of state assets.  Too bad its an economically bad time and the market is crap.  I am sure Johnny Concession owner is going to find the credit he needs to set up shop at the Grand Canyon.

Next comes a bunch of privatizing.  All of which is interesting in the efforts vs. savings department, but reform and privatization is not a bad thing,  so I’ll let that be.

The real issue is buried at number 10.  Look closely.  They want to collateralize the lottery and tobacco funds, a la Napolitano.

Now, this image is from their very own website, at their very own tea-party.  What they are talking about doing, is borrowing the future revenue of this fund.  What happened to not borrowing to prosperity?

What happened to bemoaning Napolitano and her schemes?  Before she left, you told her to pick up her own mess.  Now, they are going to use her same tricks to do anything in their power to avoid taxes.


One Response to “AFP’s fix leaves a lot to be desired”

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    […] already doing pay-day loans to keep the state afloat, and then they are going to suggest that we “borrow our way to prosperity” which is just another gimmick. Ironically, Arizona voters rejected pay-day loans last year. Now […]

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