Goldwater Institute points out the obvious

Sometimes, one has to wonder if the Goldwater institute gets away with about half of the stuff they do because they have “Goldwater” in their name, which is meant to trick people to think that their think tank was started by the late Senator Goldwater, when in fact he only gave his “blessing” on their formation.

Here’s a newsflash from them.  Arizona has a spending problem!  Egads!  That is some brand new information.  Next, as if they telegraph the punch, they call for no more taxes.  So there you have it from the Goldwater institute:  Arizona needs to spend less and not raise taxes.



Everyone agrees that bad fiscal policy and run away spending put us into this mess.   Now, how about that $3 billion we need to cut?


One Response to “Goldwater Institute points out the obvious”

  1. Other things that need to be fixed « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] Goldwater Institute Great job, guys.  Not only are you not helpful in the budget process, but you have turned suing into an artform.  The latest is that they are suing Glendale to release […]

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