I don’t remember the Dems doing this to Napolitano

Apparently, the Republicans in the Arizona Legislature don’t really care who is Governor or that she is of their same party.  They now think that they will have their own budget by Mid-April, and it will not take into account anything from Brewer’s state of the state speech.

I don’t remember the Dems doing this to Napolitano.  Come to think about it, I don’t remember the Republicans doing it either.  Did Senator Gould ever walk out of a Napolitano speech?  I don’t think so. 

Did they flat out deny Napolitano and her ideas?  Based on their voting records, it looks like that is also a negative.  They supported Napolitano’s budgets until 2006, when the spending was already way out of control. 

So now, a member of their own party is actually putting forth some ideas (and reforms) that could help change the direction of the state and they are denying them wholesale because they don’t like the tax talk? 

Real mature, guys!  Its true, it looks like the Republicans need a scapegoat or else they will start to attack eachother.


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