Arizona Needs a Payday Loan

The State is Broke, and is now forced into short-term borrowing (read: payday loans).   If you recall, then-Governor Janet Napolitano got into a big fight with Treasurer Dean Martin because she claimed that this would never be necessary.  Boy, I bet her face is red… back in DC… away from here… basking in the Obama glow…oh, wait. 

Probably not.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are busy kicking the media out of the Senate building (during transparency week, no less), and nothing is being done about the budget.  The longer this goes, the worse it is going to get.  We are already doing pay-day loans to keep the state afloat, and then they are going to suggest that we “borrow our way to prosperity” which is just another gimmick.

Ironically, Arizona voters rejected pay-day loans last year. Now the state is using one to stay afloat.



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