Time to get mad!

We are not the only ones out there who are sick and tired of the rhetoric and the plans that aren’t really plans.  Check out what other people are saying:

Randy Pullen: Your hard hitting attack with claims such as taxes never go away, and this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back are inflammatory and will not change the outcome of this debate in Arizona.” 

Eye on the 9th Floor:  “Well, it would be nice to see this list which, of course we can’t. It would be nice to have those brainstorming ideas out there to see what they are thinking of if taxes aren’t on the table.”

Sonoran Alliance Commenter:  “So what’s the solution???”

Mesa Issues:  “If the legislature is going to refuse to act, they should put this to a vote of people. Let the people decide.”  

Blog for Arizona:  “Where are the Democrats on the tax issue?”

Its time for real open and honest dialogue about the problem and the real solutions that are out there to fix it.  More voices are speaking out every day.  The time for posturing and rhetoric is gone.  Its time to do something.

This is not just for the Majority folks, either.  Blog for Arizona is right.  Where have the Democrats been in this process?  Are they content with allowing the Republicans to disagree with eachother while they do nothing?  Will they really fiddle while Rome burns?


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