Legislators are bored?!?

There is another push for the Senate to reconsider hearing bills because several people apparently don’t have anything to do.  Can you believe that?!?

Apparently, every one is not working night and day on the budget, nor have they been asked to.  Four whole hours a day?  Way to burn the midnight oil!  A select few seem to be privvy to the secret details, but very few know whats going on. 

So what are the rest of the Republicans doing?  What are the Democrats doing for that matter?  What are we paying them for?  How about anyone who isn’t working on the budget doesn’t get paid until the problem is fixed?


2 Responses to “Legislators are bored?!?”

  1. John Paul Mitchell Says:

    I like that idea, no pay until the budget is fixed, balanced, and going smoothly. I think this should apply to all elected government officials, including Governor Jan Brewer.

  2. Briandi Says:

    Apparently they are playing on FaceBook
    On Thayer Verschoor’s most recent update about and hour ago:

    Thayer Verschoor Just finished having a great lunch and discussion with David Horowitz one of my heros.


    Thayer Verschoor Sitting in Comerce committee hearing a presentation on “Hidden Healthcare Tax on Business” . I wonder why government is in the healthcare business.Yesterday at 2:22pm · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (24)Hide Feedback (24)

    At least he’s keeping us up to date!

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