Much ado about Polling

There is a big fight going on right now about who’s poll is better and who’s dad can beat up your dad.   The Republicans have a poll which poses a questions about raising taxes after cutting spending and using stimulus funds, its being decried as biased because, gasp, it actually says people agree with them.

The critics are pointing to a different poll which says people actually don’t like taxes and now the party chairman appears to be taking some hits from the people who don’t agree with him.

The problem here is that all of these people are fighting about polling, and not really working to fix the problem.  The questions were different – GET OVER IT.  If you asked me, “Do you like taxes?”  I would say, “heck no!”

But if you asked me if I thought this current situation in Arizona may need additional revenue as part of the solution, I am much more likely to agree.

The devil, as they say, is in the details.  So get to it fells, figure out the dang details.  We are still waiting, Senator Gould.  You keep running off your mouth, yet you offer us nothing of substance.


3 Responses to “Much ado about Polling”

  1. Sen Ron Gould Says:

    Does anyone read this blog?

  2. Blake Says:

    Since you read this blog Gould, why don’t you post your plan here? It’s okay to admit it if you don’t have one, just spare us the cut cut cut rhetoric because it is old and us educated voters see right through it.

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