Here’s a poll of one: FIX IT!

Two days later, and Arizona is still abuzz with polling.  The anti-tax crowd is continuing to take shots at the credibility of some polls, while even more polling results are coming out saying something completely different!!!

You want my poll answer?  FIX IT!  There, now you have a scientifically accurate survey of where I am!

See, what is funny about this, is they are STILL fighting about survey results, days and days later, and nothing is really being done to fix the problem.  All of these surveys can only be partially accurate anyway since only the legislature can issue a real solution.

Its helpful to know who thinks what in a particular scenario, but all of the pollster fighting in the world can’t take the place of rolling up your sleeves and getting it done.  I can guarantee that if the legislature comes up with a reasonable solution, explain their reasoning, and are thoughtful about what they do, people will support it.  Even if it does have a tax as part of it. 

I don’t want to hear about another poll until we actually see some plans on paper that work and everyone (or at least most reasonable people) can agree to.


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