Obama and ASU hullabaloo

In light of all of this Obama not getting an honarary degree from ASU drama, people are losing their sights on the real issue here:

We should be handing him a handwritten note that says “Help, we’re screwed” instead of a degree or a plaque denotating some scholarship named after him.

Obama is no stranger to bad gift giving, from DVDs to the Prime minster to an iPod for the Queen – those guys have about as much tact as a guy who buys his wife sleezy lingerie for Valentines day.  However, they should enjoy the note, its serious, and its written from the heart.

I am sure he could care less about an honarary degree, by the end, he’ll probably have hundreds of them.  What we need now is to focus on the real issues at hand and perhaps, just perhaps, pay a little less attention to who snubbed whom.


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