Transparency – Schmansperency

People from all over Arizona want to know whats going on with the budget.  We have a giant hole and we all want to know how its going to be fixed.  The legislature’s response?

Hold closed door meetings.

Be very, very quiet. We're making budgets.

Sorry for the skepticism, but isn’t this the same legislature that came up with the secret overspending budget last year that only helped us get into this mess?

Isn’t this also the same legislature that bemoaned Governor Napolitano’s use of “gimmicks” to balance her 2009 budget?  Wasn’t it a platform of transparency that Speaker Kirk Adams ran on and was able to achieve a coup? 

I’m sorry ladies and gentemen of the Legislature, but its kind of hard to trust you at your word.  Perhaps its time to be a little more transparent and let the regular people know what is going on.  We did sort of elect you after all, so you may want to keep us in the loop.


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