This is why nothing gets done

So, house Republicans and Democrats got together with the Governor’s staff and appear to be working on some sort of solution.  Great news, right?

Wrong.  Didn’t you get the word?  Any Republican who is willing to do such a thing is a “TURNCOAT.”  Heck, if you talk to someone that they don’t like, you’re a traitor.  Not only that, but if you ponder such a thing, you deserve challengers popping up to try to defeat you.  Bear in mind, this language is from people in their own party.

Republicans have one of the greatest advantages they have ever had in the legislature and they are too busy kicking eachother in the butt to notice or do anything about it.  Its no wonder why the Dem’s have decided not to lift a finger.  Why would you when the GOP representatives are more than capable of imploding by themselves?

This is why nothing gets done.  Why would anyone have the courage to stick their neck out and look for some sort of reasonable compromise, when it pretty much guarantees that the people from their own party are going to try to chop their head off.


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