Now the rest of the country is getting a taste of Napolitano

Congratulations, America, you are now seeing something that we here in Arizona already understood: Janet Napolitano is not all that great.  She is already getting a bunch of heat for her wacky comments about right wing activists and soldiers as well as her besmirching of Canada. 

Now, the tough talking secretary is standing her ground and not making nice.  Uh oh, someone is going to have to go through “smile to everyone, even dictators” school again.

What the people don’t know is that she also plunged Arizona into the steepest deficit in the Nation and took off the second she could to avoid the blame.  How is that for change we can believe in?

Napolitano is the reason we need to Fix Arizona.  I see that www.FireNapolitano.comis already fired up.  How long before we need to fix homeland security?  Perhaps she should go get a job on Isaiah Thomas’ staff, he is always looking for people to help him destroy things and stick blindly to misinformation.


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