Enter Global Scare

Anyone who has ever played any sort of world simulation video game should have seen this pandemic coming from a mile away.  Afterall, the economy is in the crapper, we haven’t talked about anything for months, our focus has been so much on the economy, that this is when, BAM, the computer punishes us for not paying attention to the rest of the game.   

The real reason the computer does this?  To give us something else to focus on.  The same goes with this latest scare – we have been talking about the economy for MONTHS so now we need something new to talk about.  The death of Bea Arthur, unfortunately, is not big enough news, so enter the swine flu.

I am not trying to make light of this situation, but have you looked around the web today?  Every news outlet is talking about it, and people are asking why Governor Brewer hasn’t weighed in.  I hope its because her and her staff are working on a budget.

We are looking at 73 confirmed cases and 149 potential deaths?  This is now taking the front page news over the billions of dollars we are in the hole?  This is a problem, but its not the only problem. 

Come on folks, we need to be able to multi-task here.


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