GOP legislative dominance on the line

The Eye on the 9th floor has this very interesting article breaking down the districts that could be in trouble in the upcoming election if something isn’t done about the budget.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, but I don’t see President Burns, Speaker Adams, or Senator Gould’s districts on that list.  Perhaps they are safe, but are their Republican colleagues? 

A quick count of the Senate roster shows an 18 – 12 Republican advantage, if the Republicans lost 3 out of the 8 listed in their report, we would see a split Senate.


2 Responses to “GOP legislative dominance on the line”

  1. Battleground State « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] Meanwhile, President Obama has been to Arizona a handful of times already, and is tapping Arizonans for other jobs as well.  You don’t think the guy views Arizona a battleground state?  Heck, it only takes losing three seats in the State Senate to make a split. […]

  2. Even the courts decide to punt « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] there are still 8 vulnerable seats in the Senate.  If the Republicans lose 3, the Senate would be split.  Do you think any of those guys are […]

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