Legislature passes the buck to the cities

In a fantastic showing of heroism, the Legislature has announced a plan to make their problem the cities’ problem.  The plan we have been waiting for all of this time comes down to taking $300 million from the schools and $200 million from the cities.

To make matters worse, some of the more timid members immediately backed off of the plan and call it “preliminary.”  Well, what is this?  Is this your plan or not?  Man up and admit to this pile of garbage if this is what you really think.

So, what it really comes down to is that the Legislature is physically uncapable of making a decision on their own, so they are going to turn around and take the money from everyone else so the cities and counties have to make the tough decision.  Then, if the cities and counties decide to raise taxes, they are covered because they didn’t have to do it themselves.

Real bold!  Is this what Kirk Adams envisioned when he put out his Jerry Maguire style manifesto that got him chosen as speaker?  With up to

If I were a mayor or councilmember or a county supervisor, I would be PISSED right now.


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