Conservative blogs VERY quiet on GOP budget

Speaking of the GOP budget, where are all of the conservative blogs in supporting the leadership’s effort to balance the budget without raising taxes?  I see a lot of talk about Arlen Specter  leaving the party, but the GOP budget is conspicuously absent. 

Obama’s hundred days in office?  Check.  Republican plan?  Nope.

Afterall, all of these guys have been anti-tax and chiding anyone who says otherwise.  Where is their praise for the plan taking money from the cities and the schools to avoid a tax increase?

Sonoran Alliance
No posts about the GOP budget, but good news, you can get a warning on Obama as the anti-christ and Specter as a RINO.  Plus, there are 4, count them, 4 articles about the swine flu, and ZERO about the leadership budget.

Espresso Pundit
There are 4 recent posts (here, here, here, here) about how bad Napolitano is screwing up and 3 posts (here, here, here) about how newspapers are going down the tubes.  Don’t call him a one trick pony, he has at least two.  Writing about the Democrats failed budget is right in his wheelhouse, but talking about the GOP plan appears to be off limits.

Seeing Red Arizona
Able to muster a brief mention of the budget when it was launched, but no follow up.  Meanwhile, they were able to muster quite a diatribe against Specter.  They mustered 65 words about the GOP budget vs 333 words against Specter – not even to mention the 482 words against the Swine Flu (or as they call it, the Mexican flu – classy!) and how Napolitano refuses to close the border.

Gila Courier
Silence.  Even gave Specter the short-sale.  However, they were all over the Tea Party (here, here) and quick to denounce anyone who would consider a tax and the GOP for the way they are doing business.

Arizona House Republicans
Following their meager announcement of the biggest news they could possibly have, they back it up with if Washington can do it without taxes, so can we which speaks nothing to the details of their plan or why they chose to cut what they did, or why they have cancelled two hearings so far.

IC Arizona
Typical Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio love fest, with a few posts from Americans for Prosperity and Goldwater Institute rolled in.  Speaking of, both Americans for Prosperity and Goldwater Institute are shockingly silent so far on this budget fix.

So where is it?  Where is all of the support?  They finally got what they were asking for, and now the silence is deafening.


One Response to “Conservative blogs VERY quiet on GOP budget”

  1. Donna Says:

    Great compendium! Thanks for reading the conservative blogs so I don’t have to.

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