Is the GOP budget DOA?

The criticism for the GOP’s current budget plan has been swift and plentiful.  With the cities and the Democrats quickly lining up against it, the Republicans cancelled two hearings without explanation, sounding like Secretary Napolitano trying to rationalize the ascinine “Scare Force One” incident in New York.

Is this a failure of the leaders to rally support for their budget before they rolled it out, or is this a failure because the plan is a stinker?  In looking deeper into the details of their plan, it looks like their budget is pretty much untenable to everyone.  Completely eliminating the department of commerce and sending all of that cash to the border?  Blatantly cutting Goddard’s staff while not touching the executive offices held by Republicans?  Making Arizona the first state in the nation to lose its Federal Welfare program?

Its no wonder why the cities hate this plan, it makes them make the choices that the legislature are unwilling to make.  If I were a Republican Mayor or city councilman, I would be especially livid, since they are unwilling to raise taxes because of their Republican principles, but they don’t care if their Republican brethren in local government are forced to do so.

They keep saying, “We’re trying desperately to avoid a tax increase,” but what they fail to mention is that they are going to send Arizona back into the stone age to do it.  It sure will be helpful for our economic development and the long-term health of our state when Arizona can’t attract businesses to town, but hey, we spent another $900,000 on the border! 

High Five!

High Five!


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