Great. Just Great.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett is showing a lot of gratitude to the Governor for his appointment.  How is he doing this?  By disagreeing with her on her budget plan.

Doesn’t the old saying go, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”  Doesn’t this double-plus apply to the person who got you your current job?

So what is his master plan?  The same as everyone else:  No plan at all.  Gee, that was helpful.  Here is master strategist Bennett’s plan at work:

Step 1:  Crap on the person who gave you the job.

Step 2:  Talk in generalities about task forces and whatnot.

Step 3:  Don’t really offer a plan.

I am pretty sure that the Governor cannot fire him now that he is appointed, but if she were able, this would be a firing offense.  Talk about loyalty!


2 Responses to “Great. Just Great.”

  1. State Senator Jack Harper Says:


    Is this where I should paste in your email that said……..?


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