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Finally someone moving the budget

May 29, 2009

After endless months of dithering and getting nothing done, it looks like the time for someone to take the reins and FIX IT might finally be coming.  Apparently, there is a group planning a PR effort to support the Governor’s budget.  You can find a link to the plan and a sample of the “outrage” here.

Needless to say, legislators are pissed off about it.  See, the people who actually want to get something done aren’t sitting around and waiting for the protocal of proposing a budget with crazy ideas in it, let it sit around for several days, watching it sink, and then eventually going back to attacking the Governor.

And while it doesn’t appear that the Governor is involved, why wouldn’t she welcome the help?  Who else is helping her?  Certainly not her so called “friends” from the Republican side who have taken every chance to attack her and her policies.  Heck, a couple of the bigger freakshows have even tried to block her appointments.

Now, the legislators are mad that someone might actually communicate directly to their constituents?  Puh-lease?  What do you have to hide?  Are you worried that there might actually be some people in your district who think differently than you?  You are elected to represent the people, but you are not the only person who should talk to the people.

Even more hilarious, is that Republicans can’t even agree on who to attack for this latest development.  Once again, it has become a crapfest with people taking shots at Pullen and others stepping up to defend him.  Hell, it could rain tomorrow and the blogs would be flowing with posts about how it is or isn’t Randy Pullen’s fault.

So, is anyone shocked?  Actually, yes, I am.  After months of no one getting anything done, we may actually see some movement from the legislature.  However, who knows how this is going to turn out.  After all, the Republicans are freaked about a tax increase, and the Democrats don’t like sales taxes and magical borrowing which basically steals money from the cities, but it sounds nicer.


Tragedy for Arizona State Treasurer

May 28, 2009

As frustrating as politicians can be, it is important to remember that they are people too.  In this case, my thoughts and prayers go out to State Treasurer Dean Martin who lost his wife and newborn son to rare childbirth complications.  In this time of great loss, it was very inspiring to watch him take the time to reassure other expectant mothers.   If you want to send kind words or if you knew Kerry Martin and have any stories to share, you can send them to Martin’s private email at:

Carpe Per Diem

May 27, 2009

It is bad enough that the legislators are getting paid to sit around and do nothing.  Now, we come to find out that the special session is wasting even more money while they sit around and do nothing.  The amount is now up to almost $14,000 for the latest special session, in case anyone is counting.

Meanwhile, is anything being done on the budget?  Not really.  Instead, it has become really important for everyone to have their own special PAC committee to try to keep their minions in line.  However, even those who have been lockstep on the budget are now finding time to beat each other up over this committee nonsense.  Looks like all that catering to the most conservatives over the taxes is really reaping a lot of benefits. 

Nice job on that!

Battleground State

May 26, 2009

Can we believe that the budget is going to be done on time?  The Governor says yes, but it seems like time and again, the legislature says no.  This time, Senator Ron Gould is now trying to think up even more ways to be a huge pain causing even more problems for the Governor – someone from the same party as him, no less.

Meanwhile, President Obama has been to Arizona a handful of times already, and is tapping Arizonans for other jobs as well.  You don’t think the guy views Arizona a battleground state? 

While the Republicans are lining up to kick each other in the butt, the Dems are working furiously to make sure everyone forgets the mess that Napolitano left behind and place the real problem at the feet of the Republican controlled legislature and Governor.  They sit back and moan the death of education while the leaders wield the scalpel a little too willingly and suddenly, the mounting number of independents in this state start to make a difference.

The missing chapter of Carville’s book is the one where he advises the Democrats to do nothing and let the Republicans kill each other.  I just heard the phrase “circular firing squad” for the first time the other day, and I can’t believe how fitting it is.

Heck, it only takes losing three seats in the State Senate to make a split.

Dems not off the hook either

May 21, 2009

Where are the Democrats in this whole process?  It looks like they put together their fancy website, and then walked away like they did their part.  Channeling Gordon Ramsey, “That isn’t good enough!”  They shouldn’t forget that it was their best pal Napolitano who got us in this mess in the first place:

Cheering for Irony

May 21, 2009

Americans for Tax Reform are cheering the budget that apparently passed a first hurdle today, that includes borrowing or “bonding” as they are calling it.   However, when they joined their Americans for Prosperity bretheren in the tea parties, everyone agreed that you can’t “borrow to prosperity.”

So which is it?

So which is it?

So, I ask again, what happened to bemoaning Napolitano and her schemes?  Now, they are cheering her same tricks.

Getting their rocks off

May 20, 2009

Have you been paying attention to the battle between the two groups of Republicans who want to be known for the booze-fueled get-togethers? 

Me neither.

Their foolish fight about “original” vs. “on the rocks” is like fighting over who is going to get to go first in kickball while the school burns down in the background.  Perhaps they could put their champ-tini glasses down long enough to notice that the frickin’ budget is a complete and total debacle, and the money being raided is going to have a lasting impact on the state.

Eventually, I am assuming that these hot young co-eds will want to have kids and they might think about the fact that there is probably only a handful of legislators who have school-age kids right now.  Probably even fewer of them sending their kids to public school.

But hey, what’s more important?  Making sure you are the coolest social club?  Holding hearings on illegal immigration?  How about the fact that there are only 24 working days before the next fiscal year?

What’s that floating over the Valley?

May 19, 2009

Has the mystery really been solved?  With only 25 working days left until the next fiscal year, I think this is a picture of our hopes floating away.

Hypocracy abounds

May 18, 2009

The Republicans and Democrats didn’t really switch sides on this current budget hoopla.  What really has happened is that everyone swallowed hard and took a step to the left in the sliding scale of ideology. 

See, Republicans are saying that the roll-overs are the only solution to fix the budget.  Now, Democrats are saying that roll-overs are not good enough.  I don’t know who is worse in this case, but the hypocracy abounds.

Republicans are so desperate to avoid any sort of tax increase, that they are willing to start backing roll-overs and debt financing which they railed against just a few months ago.  Democrats, who used to be perfectly a-okay with roll-overs, are now against them because they aren’t good enough.  Add to the situation that major cuts to the schools are at stake, and it only makes matters worse.

Its this level of hypocracy is why people don’t trust their elected officials and representative bodies such as the state legislature or congress have such low approval ratings.

Guns or Butter?

May 18, 2009

First of all, let me say that I am a huge fan of guns.  I think that people should be able to own them and they, for the most part, should be able to do what they want with them. 

Bring your gun to work?  Fine by me.  However, with the budget in shambles, is working gun laws on the eve of NRA coming to town the best thing that our legislators could be doing with their time?

Its great that the NRA was in town, and lets hope not only did they bring a lot of guns, but they also spent some money here locally to help out the economy.  However, it drives me crazy that everyone can be so easily distracted from the biggest problem that Arizona is facing.

Who cares if the legislators skipped Obama’s commencement speech.  Hopefully, they were working on the budget.  Who cares what banquet the Governor did or did not attend.  Hopefully, her and her staff were working on the budget. 

Guns are great, but the state’s economic reovery should be number one.

What did you say, punk?  People need money to buy guns?

What did you say, punk? People need money to buy guns?