Who really is shameless here?

GOP leadership has finally come to the realization that if they want their budget to have any sort of chance, they may actually have to come out and defend it.  So, they have issued a statement claiming that the schools are sitting on hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars.  A move they call “shameless.”

The real shameless ploy here is their false outrage.  So, its shameless that the schools are allegedly sitting on a large cache of money, but its not shameless for you to take some of it to balance the budget?  How is that any different? 

They make a big deal about how this is taxpayer money… and oh, the outrage, but are they giving the money back to the taxpayers?  No.

They are taking the money so they don’t have to raise taxes.  However, from their own explanation of the school plan, they are actually raising taxes.  According to they are taking property tax dollars that should not have been levied to fix their budget hole.  To me, that’s raising taxes without being willing to admit to what they are doing.

So who really is shameless here?


One Response to “Who really is shameless here?”

  1. teachersarah Says:

    You bring up some really interesting points. How is it the schools have this money?? We’re also talking about this very thing at http://www.helpingaz.com.

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