What other “Big Gould Books” are there?

Uh oh.  All is not well in GOP budget paradise.  Senator Gould has come to the same realization we had yesterday, taking the money from the schools is really a tax increase.

Now, the house GOP is really in trouble, they have made it into the “Big Gould Book of Tax Increases,” clearly the most volumnous edition of the “Big Gould Book” series, and a personal favorite.  Others include:

  • Big Gould Book of Conspiracy Theories
  • Big Gould Book of Professional Decorum
  • Big Gould Book of One Hit Wonders
  • Big Gould Book of Ways to Be Irrelevant
  • Big Gould Book of Famous Mustaches 

The House looks to be marching on despite hunger pangs (boo hoo).  However, its clear that even the Republicans can’t agree on what to do.


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