Twitter-view with John Paul Mitchell – UPDATE

Ever the equal opportunist when it comes to Fixing It, I am awaiting the responses to the following questions that I posed to John Paul Mitchell, a candidate for Governor, who accidentally had naked pictures of an ex-girlfriend/roommate on his campaign flickr page.

Here are  his answers:

1. OK, first interview question. What do you think about 35 people picking against you in your own personal web poll?

As a candidate for public office, you cannot always please everyone. I find the results refreshing and true. You have to understand those 35 people make up 33% who do not favor my candidacy and platform. On the other hand, I find it absolutely phenomenal that 67% of those polled would vote for me on election day. That’s the majority and it takes the majority to win any election.

2. You’re waging basically a web-based campaign, how are things you post on your public profile not admissible?

Right now, my candidacy for Arizona governor is in the pre-campaign stage. I feel what I have done in this stage thus far is highly effective. I’m interacting and listening to voters, answering questions, and receiving valuable feedback. When the time is right, I’ll carry the web-only campaign efforts into the real-world and still do the exact same thing: interact and listen to the voters.

As for the controversial incident that made news in The Arizona Republic, all I can say is that it was a mistake. I did not commit a crime or break any laws. In fact, when I was notified the photo was appearing in my Flickr account, I literally had it removed in a matter of minutes. The Twitter user who discovered the picture is the person actually responsible for making it available on his personal website, not to mention breaking copyright laws, since he never received the copyright holder’s permission.

I’ve elected to accept my mistake of allowing the photo to be stored on my now defunct Flickr account. I am moving on and ready to face the heavy burdens that face our state.

3. As a Republican candidate, how do you think you position on same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization impact your electability?

The media has mistakenly labeled me a Republican candidate. However, they are incorrect. If they had checked their facts with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, or verified the information with my campaign staff, reporters would known I am an Independent candidate running for the Office of Governor. I do not favor partisan politics because it weakens the integrity of the individual and the principles they stand for.

I stand for a matter of principle and honor the rights of the people. If the people choose to marry someone of the same sex, that is their individual choice, a right protected by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The states of this Union do not have the right to impede on this individual right.

As for marijuana legalization, I am open for the exploration of how it will either positively or negatively impact the state and the social structure of our community. My support behind a study is not a matter of increasing revenue, but to ensure the rights of the people.

I do not feel my stances on these issues will weaken my chances of being elected. Because, when people get to know me and see that I am fighting for their freedom and rights on all levels, they should appreciate that effort. I am already receiving the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents for my boldly different and liberty-protecting platform.

4. How are you going to propose your cuts to the education community in such a way that you aren’t perceived as “anti-education?”

I would propose my ideas, whether they be budget cuts, or innovative approaches to education in a way that strengthens our state and community. As a candidate who listens, I would first go to the people and get their valuable feedback. Second, I would share my ideas with them and see how comfortable they feel with them or not.

I believe its possible to minimally cut the budget for education and schools in Arizona so it can still run efficiently. One thing I would do in my first days of office, would be to issue an executive order to have all state agencies, departments, and other government services audited to insure efficiency and financial accountability. This statewide audit would be to protect the taxpayers’ money and hold the government accountable for its spending.

5. Finally, you mention borrowing in your budget solution, but you don’t mention from where, what would you borrow against?

Yes, this is one area I would be willing to explore. I do not advocate taxation, so I do not see a reason to forcefully require citizens to pay taxes when there is other means of raising the necessary funds to operate and manage a state government. One of those methods is borrowing money at a low interest rate from financial institutions.

What I believe is confusing a lot of people is they do not understand how the state budget is funded. The media and politicians are partially responsible for this confusion. Our budget, like most states, is funded directly from taxpayer money. There is three major sources and those are taxpayer income, sales tax, and property tax. If anyone of these tax sources is below budget projections, then the budget goes into a deficit.
What amazes me is the state is sitting on billions of dollars, hidden from the sight of the general public, yet they are cutting jobs and making budget cuts. The Arizona Constitution makes it illegal for the government to carry a surplus. So the revenue generated from service fees, investments, tourism, and miscellaneous sources should be rolled back into the state budget every year. Instead, it is not and it sits in the government coffers or gets reinvested elsewhere.

This is another reason why our government needs to be audited on a statewide level.

Also, make sure to check out the interview he did for the Republic with some very interesting responses.


2 Responses to “Twitter-view with John Paul Mitchell – UPDATE”

  1. RazorsEdge Says:

    I read the comments from some that Posting nude pictures does not impact eligibility or should not be considered fault for his candidancy. Mr. Mitchell himself stated that public / private life privacy are rights to protect.

    Mr. Mitchell also stated this after issuing an apology on Twitter for making a mistake, so he may have changed his mind. Claiming mistake seems that at one point he felt he should not have done.

    All this may be true, but consider this, If anyone has ever complained about Government and/or politicians then we should push for higher standards from our leaders. No shortcuts, no fancy talk, just high standards behavior and ethics from them so we can develop trust and not have some lack of confidence that another mistake will creep in.

    Maybe it’s time people demand higher standards or the leaders with the most best ideas coupled with higher standards that we consider to vote for.

  2. Shame on you people « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] FIX ARIZONA NOW! Tell us your plan. « Twitter-view with John Paul Mitchell […]

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