A bit of good news from a freshman lawmaker

Well, I’ll be danged.  A freshman lawmaker came up with an idea to save the state $40 million, and everyone took off their partisan hats long enough to support the plan and include it in the current budget discussions.

Hooray for progress!  Even if its a little step, at least its a step in the right direction.  If one person who hasn’t been involved for very long is able to make this kind of dent, are there other things out there that can be done?  Is anyone even looking?  Could working together, gasp!, be a good way to solve this problem?


One Response to “A bit of good news from a freshman lawmaker”

  1. R Pullen Says:

    So taking money from the accounts of elderly people in banks who do not access their account for 2 years because they have no need to are going to have their funds swept as well? If you had elderly parents, you wouuld know what I was talking about.

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