Shame on you people

I guess the internet really is for porn.  I posted a pending twitterview with candidate John Paul Mitchell yesterday, and lo and behold, it attracted a lot of attention.  This was great news, until I looked at the web searches.

It turns out, everyone is just trying to find the naked twitter picture of Mitchell’s “roommate.”  Here is a sampling of the searches:

john paul mitchell roommate
john paul mitchell flickr
mitchell twitter roommate 
aznextgov twiter roomate
topless pics of john paul mitchell’s roo
john paul mitchell arizona
john paul mitchell’s roommate flickr pic
“john paul mitchell” flickr
john paul mitchell roommate picture

Are you kidding me?  Arizona is in the midst of the worst financial crisis in its history, and everyone would rather see if this guy has a hot roommate.  Sorry folks, we don’t have the picture here.  How is the fact that we are less than two months away from impending disaster less important that a bad decision posted on a flickr site?


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