A tax is a tax is a tax

As we all know by now, the folks in the legislature are tax-averse.  Well, its not exactly true, it is just that they are unwilling to raise the taxes themselves.  If the cities have to raise taxes, that’s fine.  If the schools have to do it, apparently that’s fine too.

The schools have come out and said that if $300 million is raided from the school districts, there is a likelihood that they would have to raise taxes.

Quick, raise taxes while we aren't looking.

Quick, raise taxes while we aren't looking.

Apparently, the buck stops no where in the state legislature.  It just gets passed on to the local governments.  Oh, and the bag too.  The cities and school districts will be left holding the bag.  And the check, they’ll have to pick up the check.  There is also probably some cliche about following after the parade that would be applicable here as well.

The only good news is, as @DavidLujan tweets,  the per diem pay goes down at 120 days.  Maybe they will start making what they are deserving right now.


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