The budget solution! For 2009, that is.

Imagine my surprise when I read the headline:  State budget deal unveiled.  The excitement was short lived when I realized that its actually the budget deal to fix 2009 once again because the revenues have plunged even deeper.  So, the good news is, 2009 was broken again and its now fixed.  The bad news is:  still no fix for 2010 and beyond.

Not only that, but while the 2009 fix was pressing, in a lot of ways, it sure looks to me like problem really was only rolled over to 2010.  Using $250 million more in stimulus now leaves $250 million less for next year.  Same goes for the $100 million in delayed payments… you still have to eventually pay those, right?

So my question is:  does this make the 2010 hole even deeper?  If everyone was struggling to fill the gap before, how is it going to be done now if taxes are not at all on the table?  Are we just going to keep pushing this money off and hope we win the lottery? 

Are legislators waiting for that giant AMEX they paid for to help them get through these tough times, but they will “pay it all back when they get on their feet?”

Black Amex for the legislature?  Fancy schmancy.

Black Amex for the legislature? Fancy schmancy.


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