Hypocracy abounds

The Republicans and Democrats didn’t really switch sides on this current budget hoopla.  What really has happened is that everyone swallowed hard and took a step to the left in the sliding scale of ideology. 

See, Republicans are saying that the roll-overs are the only solution to fix the budget.  Now, Democrats are saying that roll-overs are not good enough.  I don’t know who is worse in this case, but the hypocracy abounds.

Republicans are so desperate to avoid any sort of tax increase, that they are willing to start backing roll-overs and debt financing which they railed against just a few months ago.  Democrats, who used to be perfectly a-okay with roll-overs, are now against them because they aren’t good enough.  Add to the situation that major cuts to the schools are at stake, and it only makes matters worse.

Its this level of hypocracy is why people don’t trust their elected officials and representative bodies such as the state legislature or congress have such low approval ratings.


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