Getting their rocks off

Have you been paying attention to the battle between the two groups of Republicans who want to be known for the booze-fueled get-togethers? 

Me neither.

Their foolish fight about “original” vs. “on the rocks” is like fighting over who is going to get to go first in kickball while the school burns down in the background.  Perhaps they could put their champ-tini glasses down long enough to notice that the frickin’ budget is a complete and total debacle, and the money being raided is going to have a lasting impact on the state.

Eventually, I am assuming that these hot young co-eds will want to have kids and they might think about the fact that there is probably only a handful of legislators who have school-age kids right now.  Probably even fewer of them sending their kids to public school.

But hey, what’s more important?  Making sure you are the coolest social club?  Holding hearings on illegal immigration?  How about the fact that there are only 24 working days before the next fiscal year?


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