Cheering for Irony

Americans for Tax Reform are cheering the budget that apparently passed a first hurdle today, that includes borrowing or “bonding” as they are calling it.   However, when they joined their Americans for Prosperity bretheren in the tea parties, everyone agreed that you can’t “borrow to prosperity.”

So which is it?

So which is it?

So, I ask again, what happened to bemoaning Napolitano and her schemes?  Now, they are cheering her same tricks.


2 Responses to “Cheering for Irony”

  1. Patrick Gleason Says:

    As I mentioned over at the Sonoran Alliance, the methods used to achieve this budget aren’t ideal.

    However, it is infinitely better than a tax increase at this time.

    ATR commends lawmakers who stand up for taxpayers rather than the spending interests that feed off the taxpayer regardless of economic circumstances.

    Again, Brewer’s proposed tax increase has nothing to do with children, it has everything to do with burning money on the boondoggle that is light rail.

    Patrick Gleason
    Americans for Tax Reform

  2. fixarizona Says:

    Prove it. How is light rail somehow involved?

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