Battleground State

Can we believe that the budget is going to be done on time?  The Governor says yes, but it seems like time and again, the legislature says no.  This time, Senator Ron Gould is now trying to think up even more ways to be a huge pain causing even more problems for the Governor – someone from the same party as him, no less.

Meanwhile, President Obama has been to Arizona a handful of times already, and is tapping Arizonans for other jobs as well.  You don’t think the guy views Arizona a battleground state? 

While the Republicans are lining up to kick each other in the butt, the Dems are working furiously to make sure everyone forgets the mess that Napolitano left behind and place the real problem at the feet of the Republican controlled legislature and Governor.  They sit back and moan the death of education while the leaders wield the scalpel a little too willingly and suddenly, the mounting number of independents in this state start to make a difference.

The missing chapter of Carville’s book is the one where he advises the Democrats to do nothing and let the Republicans kill each other.  I just heard the phrase “circular firing squad” for the first time the other day, and I can’t believe how fitting it is.

Heck, it only takes losing three seats in the State Senate to make a split.


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  1. Finally someone moving the budget « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] And while it doesn’t appear that the Governor is involved, why wouldn’t she welcome the help?  Who else is helping her?  Certainly not her so called “friends” from the Republican side who have taken every chance to attack her and her policies.  Heck, a couple of the bigger freakshows have even tried to block her appointments. […]

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