Carpe Per Diem

It is bad enough that the legislators are getting paid to sit around and do nothing.  Now, we come to find out that the special session is wasting even more money while they sit around and do nothing.  The amount is now up to almost $14,000 for the latest special session, in case anyone is counting.

Meanwhile, is anything being done on the budget?  Not really.  Instead, it has become really important for everyone to have their own special PAC committee to try to keep their minions in line.  However, even those who have been lockstep on the budget are now finding time to beat each other up over this committee nonsense.  Looks like all that catering to the most conservatives over the taxes is really reaping a lot of benefits. 

Nice job on that!


One Response to “Carpe Per Diem”

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    […] move, since they were about to be paid even more for doing nothing, and folks are leaving before the job is even […]

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