Finally someone moving the budget

After endless months of dithering and getting nothing done, it looks like the time for someone to take the reins and FIX IT might finally be coming.  Apparently, there is a group planning a PR effort to support the Governor’s budget.  You can find a link to the plan and a sample of the “outrage” here.

Needless to say, legislators are pissed off about it.  See, the people who actually want to get something done aren’t sitting around and waiting for the protocal of proposing a budget with crazy ideas in it, let it sit around for several days, watching it sink, and then eventually going back to attacking the Governor.

And while it doesn’t appear that the Governor is involved, why wouldn’t she welcome the help?  Who else is helping her?  Certainly not her so called “friends” from the Republican side who have taken every chance to attack her and her policies.  Heck, a couple of the bigger freakshows have even tried to block her appointments.

Now, the legislators are mad that someone might actually communicate directly to their constituents?  Puh-lease?  What do you have to hide?  Are you worried that there might actually be some people in your district who think differently than you?  You are elected to represent the people, but you are not the only person who should talk to the people.

Even more hilarious, is that Republicans can’t even agree on who to attack for this latest development.  Once again, it has become a crapfest with people taking shots at Pullen and others stepping up to defend him.  Hell, it could rain tomorrow and the blogs would be flowing with posts about how it is or isn’t Randy Pullen’s fault.

So, is anyone shocked?  Actually, yes, I am.  After months of no one getting anything done, we may actually see some movement from the legislature.  However, who knows how this is going to turn out.  After all, the Republicans are freaked about a tax increase, and the Democrats don’t like sales taxes and magical borrowing which basically steals money from the cities, but it sounds nicer.


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