Going beyond rhetoric on the budget

Ok, so the Governor’s budget has now been out almost 48 hours.  You’d think by now, the smart people would have had a chance to look it over and talk about it in competent terms.  (play sad trombone sound).

Yeah, right.

Come on guys, you know better than that.  What did we really get so far?  Frickin’ rhetoric.  From the Dem side, no defense of stealing $1.1 billion from the cities, instead just snark about going back to the drawing board.  Gee, maybe it might be a good start for the Democrats to see if they can negotiate something.  From the conservative side, outrage over the tax.  According to them, the Governor is now part of the “spending interests.”

Uh, hey guys, where were you when the deficit ballooned to $4 billion?  Where was your plan when the thing was still ONLY $3 billion?  If it is more cuts, where are they?

Has anyone stepped out beyond rhetoric to talk about what kind of desperate times we are in?  Is anyone willing to look at reality?  Arizona has the worst problem in the nation.   By far worse than anyone else, and the people who usually make fun of California are now saying that we should look to them for guidance.  PUH-lease.

Wake me up when the adults are willing to talk.


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