Budget passes, but what was the point?

The House passed the Senate’s budget yesterday, but they are NOT going to send it to the Governor.  I’m with everyone else, uh, what exactly was the point of this exercise?

Does anyone else feel like we are in the middle of an elaborate song and dance that no one really knows the words to?  I mean, come on, if the Governor hadn’t dropped a budget this week, would they have been motivated to get their budget done?  Did they really pass their plan with the hopes of “renewed” budget talks or did the reality of a veto make them reconsider?

Meanwhile, the Senate is moving on to other things, pretending like this problem is solved.  Didn’t you just say you needed to go back to the negotiations table?  How is this thing done?  And why should they consider any other bills at ALL this session?  They have wasted enough taxpayer time and money as it is.  Their punishment for dragging their feet for 6 months should be no new laws this year.


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