And I am confused.

The budget deficit now appears to be creeping towards $4 billion, but there are still people who insist that its closer to $3 billion.  How can they be a whole billion dollars off?  How can you look around and read the news and see the revenues declining and not assume that things are still getting worse?

The legislators have decided not to send the budget to the Governor, as some sort of negotiating ploy.  So, is it because they knew it would get shut down or because they know its not really going to fix the problem?

Meanwhile, homebuilding lobbyists are trying to use this confusion to screw over the cities.  And one of the two Republican groups with the same name (can never tell which is which) has decided that now is a good time for a few drinkie-poos.

Didn’t the homebuilders cause this mess in the first place with overbuilding and overpricing?  Aren’t they the reason that people’s houses aren’t worth squat?  Why should they get rewarded in any way possible?

And aren’t the Republican leaders the ones who are not addressing the extra billion dollars that the state is going to be short?  The leaders have said themselves that they know that they will have to be back to fix this thing again later.  Meanwhile, the Republican Governor and President and Speaker of the House are beating each other up.  Is that something for Republicans to celebrate?

To borrow a line from comedian Lewis Black, “…and I am confused”


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