Ask and you won’t receive

The Governor has asked for the Legislative budget and the legislature said:

Not so fast!

Not so fast!

That’s right.  Burns and Adams have declined to send their budget to her.  Now, they are saying that more talking must take place before they are willing to send it up.  Didn’t they do their job already when they beat the crap out of the holdouts and forced their sketchy budget through in the first place? 

If they know work must be done on their budget, why didn’t they do it in the actual legislature instead of this wacky lala land where nobody really knows what could happen?

Even more scary is the terrible prescedent this sets for the already ill-tempered legislature.  What if some bill gets passed without the support of the leadership?  Are they just going to stop it from being transmitted to the Governor?  Are they going to delay it?  When did they become kings of the universe?  I’m sure there is some rule somewhere against that.

In the end, we must ask, are things really getting any better?  They can’t even agree on the size of the frickin’ budget hole, let alone the best way to fill it.


One Response to “Ask and you won’t receive”

  1. hr Says:

    The state legislators are cowards in the way they have handled the state budget. They are failing the people of AZ and think by suspending impact fees and taking more money from the cities is not the solution.

    It shows how out of touch and how mislead our state leaders are in thinking the issue that first got us in this position is going to get us out of it……….growth. Not smart at all.

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