We can work it out…

This just in from AZ Insider’s twitter:

@azinsider Burns says tentative budget deal has been reached; sales tax vote would be referred to ballot in 2010. Checking with Brewer’s people …

Could it be?  Could there actually be a solution in the works that everyone can agree on?  Is everyone finally getting past the gamesmanship to a proposal that will work to fix Arizona without gutting our long-term viability and ability to compete?

It looks like after weeks and weeks of acrimony from both sides, the Governor and the legislature just may be singing a different tune.  I think “We can work it out” seems like a fitting choice.

Life is very short, and theres no time....

Life is very short, and there's no time....

No word on all of the details, but the fact that there may actually be a new source of revenue to get through these tough times is definitely a good start.  I know that there have been many people critical of this process, but if it really does come to some sort of conclusion, I will be the first to congratulate everyone who is part of the solution.


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