Forget Palin/Letterman – Brewer/Legislature is the hottest conflict

Be relieved, America.  Sarah Palin has accepted David Letterman’s apology.  I know you were all torn up about it.  I am sure you were even up at night hoping that they can work this thing out.

Meanwhile, something that all of us should really be concerned about is the fact that the rift in this budget battle is growing wider.  True to her word, the Governor sued the legislature today to get them to release their budget.  Its all fun and games until someone gets sued.

The Governor is right, though, the legislature shouldn’t hold onto bills after they have voted for them.  It sets a bad prescedent that they can take their ball and go home whenever they want.  Don’t like a bill?  Don’t transmit it to the Governor.

All of these tactics aside, the real fact of the matter here is that something needs to be done to fix this problem.  We are 13 days away from shutdown.


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