A Stark Reality Approaches

What will happen if the state shuts down July 1st?  A lot of bad stuff, that’s what.  Some believe that it looks like the legislature is intent on holding on to their bill until June 30th and then force the decision to shut down directly into the lap of the Governor.  What can be done to stop this?

According to the Dems, the talk is that the court will opt not to intervene.  They are just giddy with delight to watch the Republicans self destruct, but still no word on what their workable plan is.  In fact, most are just pushing for the Dems to duck and cover, washing their hands of any responsibility.  Speaking of, it kills me that Blog for Arizona calls Brewer the “accidental governor” when the only accident she is a part of is trying to clean up the giant turd that Napolitano left on the carpet before she high-tailed it out of town.  Meh, they are probably just bitter that Nappy left them in Arizona instead of asking them to be in the giant entourage that she took to Washington.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are still killing their own, taking time out from attacking the Governor to crap on another Republican, this time Tom Horne.  Its really hard to take any talks about party unity seriously when people are willing to turn on their own at the drop of a hat.  Watching the Republican party die from within is one of the most interesting and fascinating things – and what’s more?  They know and they don’t care.  Ideology first! 

Meanwhile, who is coming to Brewer’s defense?  The Arizona Daily Star!  Maybe we should shut the Government down for a bit and see what happens.  If they do, they should start with closing down the Legislature.  It will save money on staffing as well as energy, since there won’t be as much hot air to cool down.


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