Hypocrites, Hypocrites, everywhere

As you know by now, if there is one thing I hate, its hypocricy.  It kills me to watch these endless months of saying one thing and then doing another.  What’s worse?  Pretty much everyone is guilty of it – especially in the latest budget tomfoolery.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look:

The conservative “fiscally-responsible” lawmakers have hired an expensive lawyer to defend them against the lawsuit trying to make them do their job.  Meanwhile, we are still footing the bill for one of the longest legislative sessions in history and they are acting like its business as usual passing bills and trying to do other crazy stuff.

Super-rich elitist Jim Pederson is bemoaning the tragedy of the unemployed worker, when the only people he appears to be employing is cheesy ad-hacks trying to make him look better.  What’s worse?  He is criticizing the handling of a mess that he basically made by helping Napolitano.

Meanwhile, everyone, everywhere is being asked to tighten their belts.  Except Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of course, who decided to buy a half a million dollar luxury bus.   First, what a fricking idiot.  Second, where is all the outrage of wasting taxpayer money?  If you want to have any credibility, you need to hate that bus as much as you hate that courthouse.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are sticking with their Stronger Arizona plan longer than George W. Bush stuck with “Brownie.”  The struggle between doing nothing and letting the Republicans falter and actually wanting to govern is being lost.  They are like Willy Wonka watching the kids do bad things, but barely trying to stop them.

Wait... no.  Please... dont hold on to that budget.

Wait... no. Please... don't shut down the state.

Meanwhile, taxpayer groups (using the bounciest camera ever) are saying that everyone should work together… as long as it doesn’t mean raising taxes.  Gee, that sure looks like getting together in the spirit of compromise to me!

Don’t even get me started for the outrage over Obama killing a fly.  I’d be more worried about how he is killing the economy.


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