Legislature is to blame

Eye on the 9th floor has posted a very interesting survey from some outside group that shows a whopping 54% of people would blame the Legislature if the Government were to shut down.  Only 13% blame the Governor and 18% blame both parties.  You can read all of the results here.

Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with them holding the budget.  Or the fact that they are now forcing a record number of bills through the legislature and pondering other legislative tomfoolery.  Maybe that is why they are getting the blame.

However, you can see why they are so ardent in their desire to keep the Governor from vetoing their budget.  A whopping 64% of the voters say that they support the Governor’s plan.  Could it be that they have had a bad feeling for the last 3 weeks that the public may be on her side?

With only a measly 7 days left, will this information do anything to motivate the legislature to get something done?  Do they want to go down with the ship – because even if someone else is shutting off the lights, they are going to get the blame.


One Response to “Legislature is to blame”

  1. Why not let the voters decide? « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] it because they think the voters might actually want to vote for it?  Polling seems to indicate that there might, in fact, be support for a tax.  It also says that people blame the legislature for this mess.  What’s the connection?  […]

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