Arizona limps along

Well, Arizona has avoided apocolypse, at least for now.  State shutdown has been avoided as a budget was passed last night (actually this morning).  Way to take it down to the wire, fellas.

Now the question is, what does the Governor do with the budget?  The legislature is not referring the sales tax to the ballot, so all of these late night shenanigans didn’t really solve the problem.  It’s like offering to take turns giving back massages, and then walking away after your turn is done.   Way to be the jerk, Arizona legislature. 

My prediction is that this thing is not over.

Nothing is over... NOTHING!

Nothing is over... NOTHING!

Meanwhile, the front page of MSN is talking about Arizona’s successful passage of the guns in bars bill.  Brilliant.  Arizona can’t do a budget, but we can allow firearms in a place where people consume alcohol.  Arizona’s finest hour!


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