On conventions and stadiums

Pop quiz, hotshot.  So you are the Arizona Legislature.  You have a $2.6 billion dollar deficit.  You have had 6 months to get something done.

What do you do?  What do you do?

What do you do? What do you do?

Do you fix the budget?  No.

Instead, you get ready to go to a legislative conference and you approve a vote to build another stadium in Tucson.  Great.  Just great.

Perhaps, it’s time to let the voters decide – even the Senate President thinks so.  If the voters shoot the tax down, by all means, cut away.  It’s not fair to hold the state hostage over intellectual squabbles.  If you want to look to California as a model, great.  Just remember that the voters there had a say already.  Give Arizona the same chance.


One Response to “On conventions and stadiums”

  1. Citizen CLW Says:

    Yesiree, our Senate President blew out of town yesterday just before the Senate GOP caucus had security remove the public from their joint hissy fit. http://tiny.cc/Vgg6M
    Inspiring leadership, all the way around.

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